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A key goal of the AICD was to make all of the new data and analysis available to the general public. This website provides a one-stop public repository containing all of the data and analysis resulting from the AICD knowledge program. It offers users the opportunity to view AICD results, download documents and materials, search databases and perform customized analysis. There are resources that will be of use to journalists, policy makers and technicians.


All of the results can be viewed either by sectors, themes or countries depending on the user’s main angle of interest. In each case, the website provides the main highlights of the results and points users to the relevant supporting documents.


Sectors: nine different infrastructure sub-sectors are covered: information and communication technologies (ICT), irrigation, ports, power, railways, roads, sanitation and water. Go to the sector tab to view the detailed sector by sector story, or search materials by any of these sectors.


Countries: once the second phase of AICD is completed detailed analysis for more than 40 individual African countries will be available, plus reports covering each of the major Regional Economic Communities (REC). Go to the country tab to view the story for any particular country or REC, or search materials by any of these.


Themes: organize the main findings of AICD according to a number of cross-cutting issues that are relevant across countries and sectors. These include spending needs, spending patterns, efficiency measures, funding gaps, poverty and inequality, institutional reform, spatial development and regional integration. Go to the theme tab to view the detailed story for each theme, or search materials by any of these themes.


The website offers four different types of tools for analytical work: databases, results tables, maps and interactive models. These analytical tools allow users to delve into the original data and analytical tools underlying the AICD results, and make use of them to support their own research, analysis and strategy formulation. In each case, the website provides the user with guidance on the nature and capabilities of each tool and then access to the corresponding interactive interfaces.


Databases: all the datasets collected as part of the AICD are stored in the World Bank’s Data Development Platform. Users of the site can go straight to this interface where they are at liberty to design their own customized data reports for downloading and subsequent use. Go to the data and tools tab and then click the database button to access this resource.


Results tables: users requiring more immediate access to the numerical results can search a library comprising hundreds of ready-made results tables that highlight the main story line and key findings for each country, sector and theme. By choosing the country, sector and theme of interest, the user can rapidly home in on the results tables of greatest relevance. Go to the data and tools tab and then click the results tables button to access this resource.


Maps: all the spatial data collected for AICD has been organized into a series of interactive infrastructure atlases in PDF format. These atlases allow users to create their own maps at the click of a button juxtaposing different layers of spatial data on infrastructure networks and background geographic and socio-economic features of interest. The user can search the library of atlases available to identify those of greatest interest. For more sophisticated users, much of the original GIS data can be downloaded in Arc GIS format. Go to the data and tools tab and then click the maps button to access this resource.


Interactive models: the AICD project entailed the construction of a number of analytical models, primarily used to determine infrastructure spending needs for each sector. Web-based versions of these models are made available on the website, allowing the user to modify assumptions and make their own customized estimates of spending needs for particular countries and sectors. Go to the data and tools tab and then click the models button to access this resource.


An extensive document library is available allowing users to download more than 100 original reports on topics relating to African infrastructure. The AICD knowledge program entailed the production of a large array of documents, including the Flagship Report, sector volumes, background papers, working papers, country annexes, cross-country annexes, data collection manuals, media materials, presentations and others. The user can search and download all of these documents based on sector, country and theme key words. Go to the documents tab to access this on-line library of resources.

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